SUBJECT: Adjustment to Utility Bill- Late Fees

The late fees charged to a customer of the District may be removed at the direction of the General Manager. Late fees may only be removed for customers that show a history of prompt payment.

Requests for removal of late fees must be made in writing, by the property owner.

The District Treasurer will review all requests for late fee removal prior to presentation to the General Manager. The District Treasurer will review utility billing history to verify a history of prompt payment by the customer. A history of prompt payment will be determined by evidence of no more than one late payment in each of the preceding 3 years. The General Manager and District Treasurer shall each initial the property owner's written request showing approval of said request prior to utility billing processing of the request. The General Manager and District Treasurer may each designate their respective duties to staff, provided that the approval of the property owner's request must be approved by two different individuals.

Board approval date: October 13, 2011
Revised: 8/10/2017