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 +WHEREAS, the District’s NPDES Permit and District Code prohibit the direct discharge of storm water and other waters ("​Direct inflow"​) and Excess I & I to the District’s wastewater collection system; and 
 +WHEREAS, it is the Board'​s policy, consistent with District’s NPDES Permit, to maintain adequate capacity throughout the District’s system of wastewater facilities; and 
 +WHEREAS, the goals of this policy are to avoid damage to the environment and private property by preventing overflows and backups and to make efficient use of infrastructure through timely additions to capacity and enhancement of existing capacity by reducing and eliminating Direct lnflow and Excess I & I. 
 +__I & I Program__. Direct lnflow and Excess I & I are prohibited discharges under District Code. To reduce and eliminate Direct lnflow and Excess I & I, the Board supports continued implementation of the District’s I & I Program through the annual budget. The Board establishes the following priorities in implementing the I & I Program: ​
 +  * Proximity to known overflows or backups within the collection system. ​
 +  * History of Direct Inflow and/or Excess I & I problems. ​
 +  * Evidence of high flows within basin and/or premises. ​
 +  * Age of infrastructure. ​
 +  * Absence of formal stormwater management system. ​
 +The I & I Program includes without limitation the following elements: ​
 +Public information and Education. ​
 +Measures to Identify Direct Inflow and Excess I & I. 
 +  * Smoke testing. ​
 +  * Video inspection. ​
 +  * Dye testing. ​
 +  * Side sewer permitting and inspecting. ​
 +  * Flow monitoring. ​
 +    * WWTP 
 +    * Pump stations ​
 +    * Selected locations within collection system.
 +__Correction of problems within District system__. Conditions within the District system that cause or could cause Direct inflow and/or Excess I & I shall be corrected promptly by District staff. ​
 +=== Correction of problems on private property. ===
 +__Notice/​Voluntary Compliance__. District staff shall provide notice to owners and/or their representatives when conditions that cause or may cause Direct inflow and/or Excess I & I are detected, and shall seek voluntary cooperation of the property owners and/or their representatives in correcting the problems.
 +__Enforcement__. When voluntary compliance proves ineffective,​ correction of Direct Inflow and/or Excess I & I problems on private property shall be enforced as provided in District Code.
 +**Approved:​** February 25, 2010