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 +__**SUBJECT:​**__ Residential Sprinkler System, Fire Suppression ​
 +This District will generally allow the provision of both domestic potable water service and an in-home sprinkler system for tire suppression purposes only by means of a single line with a single water meter, and an indemnity agreement signed by the owner in the form attached hereto. At its discretion, the Board may allow exceptions to this policy where warranted by unusual circumstances. The size of the required water meter and the waterline from the meter to the home is dependent on the fire suppression system installer and/or supplier and the plumbing fixture requirements for the home.
 +Fee for connection (general facilities) and Base Monthly Charges will be computed per District Resolution 616. The cost for meter installation will be based on the size required per current District fee schedule. ​
 +**Approved:​** October 24, 2002