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 __**SUBJECT:​**__ Use of District Vehicles ​ __**SUBJECT:​**__ Use of District Vehicles ​
-The District General Manager may assign vehicles to appropriate District employees ​for 24 hourly access+The District General Manager may assign vehicles to appropriate District employees. Employees operating a District vehicle shall obey all safety, state and local laws.  Use of District vehicles by all District employees shall be restricted to vehicle use in connection with District business only. Only de minimis or “minimal” non-business use of vehicles is allowed. ​  ​Employees that are on call may be assigned a District vehicle to take home.
-Use of District vehicles ​by all District ​employees shall be restricted to use of vehicle ​in connection with District ​business only+Non-employee,​ non-business passengers are prohibited from riding in District vehicles ​without prior approval from an employee’s direct supervisor. ​ Notwithstanding contractors or others engaged in the District’s business and operations may be passengers ​in District ​vehicle.
-From time to time it may become necessary ​for vehicles to be temporarily assigned ​to those individuals acting on behalf of Department heads+Employees are responsible ​for any driving infractions or fines that result from their driving and must report them to their direct supervisor
-**Approved:** June 28, 1984+Use of District vehicles should be the first option exercised. ​ However, when no District vehicles are available, or with the approval of the employee’s direct supervisor, employees may use their own vehicles for business purposes. ​ Insurance industry practices normally provide that auto liability coverage follows the vehicle. ​ Therefore, when employees use their own vehicles for District business, the employee’s personal auto insurance is primary and the District’s insurance coverage may not apply. ​ Employees who use their personal vehicle for approved business purposes will receive a mileage allowance in accordance with District policy for mileage reimbursement and IRS provisions. ​ That IRS mileage reimbursement rate is to compensate for the cost of gasoline, oil, depreciation and insurance. ​ Therefore, employees who operate personal vehicles for District business should obtain appropriate coverage determined by the employee’s personal insurance agent. ​  
 +Policy Approval Date: June 28, 1984 \\ 
 +**Revised:​** ​ 2/11/2016